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33 years of Study Activity and Scientific Information by GSS
1978 - 2011

The "Gruppo di Studio della Scoliosi e delle patologie vertebrali" was born 32 years ago, when the priority was finding information. Never a name has been more appropriate! It was really a "study group", a small group of persons that wanted to improve the wealth of knowledge in a field of multidisciplinary activity in which physicians and operators in the sector of rehabilitation and motor activities interact, each one with his own peculiar learning and professional experience. It was an attempt to start speaking a common language based on one fundamental element: the strength of scientific evidence.

Therefore, during the first years, GSS worked to translate and to circulate the articles taken from international literature and regarding at first scoliosis-related topics, and then other spinal pathologies. All these articles presented a strong mark of clinical research with a high methodological level. To this activity of information circulation, others followed, like the Update Days): these days too were based on the systematic reference to what we today call "evidence-based medicine", a medicine based on facts. This constant reference not to schools, not to sectors, not to categories, but to scientific evidence coming from everywhere, allowed us to knock down many of the barriers that divided, and that maybe still divide today, the different professional figures that interact in the field of spinal pathologies. Within the Association and on the occasion of the meetings organized by GSS, these different professional figures have always coexisted in harmony and each of them has actively contributed to the strengthening and consolidation of the Study Group. Thirty-two years of uninterrupted activity demonstrate, more than any other fact, the success of this alliance between different professional figures.

Ten years ago, besides the other institutional activities, like the Revision Dossiers of International Literature and the Update Monographies, the Study Group has entered the Internet with a Web-site that has rapidly grown and that today counts more than 800 pages and 1,000 illustrations, as well as a dynamic book in constant evolution, that has received many credits.

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